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    Díjmentes könyvrészlet 31,96 USD — E-könyv This book is an account of how I addressed the need for a smartphone app that would allow someone with Type 1 diabetes to self-manage their condition.

    The latter is a key feature of the book.

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    But the book is also about the design process, and especially about the valuable contributions made by the many focus group meetings in which design ideas were first presented to people with Type 1 diabetes. Their critique, and sometimes their rejection, of interface ideas were crucial to the development of the app.

    I hope this book will prove useful for teaching and design guidance.

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    But it was the emergence of interactive computer graphics in the s that triggered interest in the actual user of that technology and, hence, in Human—Computer Interaction, a field of life-long interest and of which he is a pioneer.

    In this context, Bob has been the co-architect of a number of tools: first MINNIE a powerful graphic front-end for circuit designersthen a CAD system exploiting Artificial Intelligence and, during the last two years, the interface of a hand-held device supporting the self-management of Type-1 diabetes, the topic of this book.

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    At the same time, Bob co-invented the fish-eye lens as well as a collection of Exploration tools and a new notation for interactive systems and has collaborated extensively on research into Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. His undergraduate teaching, which he enjoys, reflects his long-standing interest in Information Visualization, which has led to three editions of his diabetes research topic ideas Information Visualization.

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