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Available literature is changing quickly and studies summarised here may not represent the latest status of knowledge. Please consider that conclusions of articles of this list may be based on low sample numbers or manuscripts that are not peer-reviewed yet pre-prints.

Original articles Kilercik M et al.

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Boulanger M et al. Retrospective analysis showed that patients exhibiting plasma cells were more likely to develop severe disease but also had a reduced risk of death. In most patients plasma cells appeared after progression to severe disease and, thus, will not serve as an early marker for severe disease.

Injury ; 52 Suppl 1: S3-S6, Mar. METHODS: Concomitant perfusion changes were determined in the anterolateral and anteromedial periosteal sheath of the non-united bone ends and intramedullary nearest the osteosynthesis materials during their surgical removal on re-operation. The blood flow in the periosteum and endosteum was recorded by a laser-Doppler flowmetric device using a novel approach. Control measurements were made at identical points of the right tibia. RESULTS: Considerably lower blood flow values were measured along the tibial periosteal region of the re-operated limb than on the contralateral side the average perfusion unit PU was 76 vs.

Martens R et al. Dennison D et al.

Clinical trials

Foy B et al. Rolla R et al.

Obstet Gynecol.

Lapic I et al. CBC parameters do not present with significant differences.

nice guidelines gestational diabetes induction

Urrechaga E et al. Santotoribio J et al. What we see as the essence: A descriptive diagnostic study that evaluated several routine blood tests for the diagnosis of COVID at hospital admission.

Cohen A et al. Diabétesz kezelésében disk J et al. Score values generated within the first three days of hospital admission can predict clinical severity in COVID patients over the next two weeks.

nice guidelines gestational diabetes induction

The score performance was shown to be superior nice guidelines gestational diabetes induction single parameters or parameter ratios. Osman J et nice guidelines gestational diabetes induction.

Yip CYC et al. What we see as the essence: The results show that CBC including extended parameters about activated lymphocytes may be a valuable tool to triage patients with COVID Wang Z et al. Zhang C et al. Review articles Khartabil TA et al.

nice guidelines gestational diabetes induction

Nokhostin F et al. Gérard D et al. Fan BE et al.

Principal inclusion criteria 1. Male or female patients aged 18 to 75 years, inclusive; 2. If oral aminosalicylates or corticosteroids have been recently discontinued, they must have been stopped for at least 2 weeks prior to the endoscopy used for baseline endoscopy score; 8. Female patient of childbearing potential: must agree to practice a highly effective method of contraception throghouth the trial until completion of the day Safety Follow up visit.

Foldes D et al. Mitra A et al.