Modeling long-term diabetes and related complications in rats

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    Modeling long-term diabetes and related complications in rats J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods.

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    Mar-Apr ; Epub Nov Gyömrői út Electronic address: diabétesz kezelésében homeopátia. DOI: The aims of this study were to establish a model of long-term diabetes with sustained medium scale hyperglycemia and characterize the pathological changes detectable after 4months, with particular respect to dependence on the degree of hyperglycemia.

    Methods: Streptozotocin-induced diabetic CFY rats were subjected to four different insulin substitution protocols to achieve different levels of glycemic control Diabetic groups.

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    Eyes were investigated by ophthalmoscopy, kidney function by urine analysis, and neuropathy by functional tests. Retinal and renal morphological evaluations were performed by histology, immuno-histochemistry and electron microscopy.

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    Discussion: We established a treatment protocol in rats enabling complex investigation of diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy on a long-term period. Clearly hyperglycemic dependent parameters of these complications serve as good outcome measures for preclinical trials.

    Our results provide a useful basis for designing studies for testing preventative treatments as diabetic enteropathy treatment as other translational medical research in this field. Keywords: Anterior segment neovascularization; Chronic model; Cold allodynia; Diabetic nephropathy; Diabetic neuropathy; Diabetic retinopathy; Drug development; Insulin implant; Preclinical diabetic enteropathy treatment Streptozotocin.

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    Global and regional diabetes prevalence estimates for and projections for and results from the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas, 9th edition.